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Andrey Kaigorodtsev
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24.06.2022#30 Seniors Event 45+ Age12000 c.u.
23.06.2022# 27 Pot Limit Omaha26140 c.u.
25.05.2022#29 TEXAS NL (Фризаут) Main Event122940 c.u.
26.05.2022#34 Satellite to Main Event День 1B, билет за 50K фишек7715 c.u.
21.05.2022#8 OMAHA PL (Фризаут) MAIN EVENT101210 c.u.
20.05.2022#3 Satellite to High Roller, билет за 75K фишек71650 c.u.
25.04.2022#28 Satellite to Main Event Day 1B5850 c.u.
24.04.2022#24 Last chance Satellite to High Roller, seat at 70K chips21750 c.u.
22.04.2022#16 High Roller153540 c.u.
22.01.2022#12 SPF Pot Limit Omaha Progressive Bounty [240 Bounty]5880 c.u.
27.12.2021#48 SPF Satellite to Main Event Bounty, seat at 50K chips71100 c.u.
22.12.2021#26 SPF Main Event264605 c.u.
22.12.2021#25 SPF Satellite to Main Event Day 1A, seat at 80K chips41100 c.u.
21.12.2021#22 SPF Turbo Pot Limit Omaha 8-max9785 c.u.
09.11.2021#21 EAPT Satellite to High Roller32200 c.u.
09.11.2021#20 EAPT Satellite to Main Event Day 1B61100 c.u.
10.10.2021#28 EPT PL Omaha – 100 CU Bounty44085 c.u.
06.10.2021#17 EPT Deep Stack39970 c.u.
04.10.2021#9 EPT Bounty – 100 CU Bounty49310 c.u.
03.10.2021#5 EPT Satellite to Main Event – Seat at 100k chips81900 c.u.
02.10.2021#2 EPT PLO9740 c.u.
10.08.2021WPTDS Main Event 1C Satellite51700 c.u.
21.07.2021#16 888poker Pot Limit Omaha Bounty [200 KO]12365 c.u.
18.04.2021#9 Satellite to High Roller51650 c.u.
22.03.2021#10 EPT Deep Stack371200 c.u.
23.02.2021#7 Turbo Big Stack14790 c.u.
24.12.2020#31 Satellite to High Roller Day 2 win your seat at 80 000 chips121250 c.u.
19.12.2020#11 Pot Limit Omaha Super Bounty [300 KO] 8-max8455 c.u.
14.11.2020#34 Satellite to Main Event Bounty win your seat at 50 000 chips41100 c.u.
11.11.2020#25 Satellite to High Roller Day 2 win your seat at 80 000 chips42000 c.u.
09.11.2020#12 Satellite to Main Event Day 1A win your seat at 100 000 chips71100 c.u.
09.11.2020#12 Satellite to Main Event Day 1A win your seat at 100 000 chips9550 c.u.
08.11.2020#10 Pot Limit Omaha Super Bounty [300 KO] 8-max8485 c.u.
06.11.2020#2 Russian Poker Championship211700 c.u.
07.11.2020#6 Satellite to RPC Day 1B win your seat at 50 000 chips13550 c.u.
06.11.2020#1 Satellite to RPC Day 1A win your seat at 50 000 chips10550 c.u.
06.10.2020#12 EPT Main Event525290 c.u.
07.10.2020#15 Satellite to Main Event Win your Seat at 50k Chips52500 c.u.
11.09.2020#14 SPF Main Event95045 c.u.
09.09.2020#9 SPF Pot Limit Omaha Super Bounty [300 KO] 8-max31625 c.u.
14.08.2020#26 Main Event Bounty [300 Ko] Turbo version12925 c.u.
21.12.2019#13 Satellite to Main Event, seat at 100K chips7550 c.u.
24.02.2020#23 Turbo Deep Stack Bounty [125 KO]10230 c.u.
21.02.2020#14 High Roller. 8-max410025 c.u.
23.02.2020#19 Satellite to Main Event Bounty Turbo ver.3770 c.u.
17.02.2020#1 Warm Up111890 c.u.
26.01.2020#6 WPT Closer232000 c.u.
17.01.2020#1 WPT Opener401850 c.u.
10.01.2020Bounty, 150 KO5$1135
22.12.2019#15 Supersatellite to High Roller61100 c.u.
21.12.2019#11 Satellite to High Roller51100 c.u.
20.12.2019#10 Bounty Satellite to Warm Up Day 1D/2 [100 Ko]6550 c.u.
16.12.2019#1 Grand Prix Russia501200 c.u.
23.11.2019#7 Bounty [150 Ko] Satellite to Main Event Day 1A21100 c.u.
13.10.2019№20 Moneymaker’s Road to PSPC24800 c.u.
06.10.2019№7 Main Event Satellite seat at 100k chips*61900 c.u.
05.10.2019№4 Main Event Satellite seat at 100k chips*51900 c.u.
13.09.2019#26 Satellite to Main Event Turbo ver.4$550
12.09.2019#25 Bounty Satellite to Day 1 C or Day 2 Main Event [100 Ko]3$550
08.09.2019#10 Sochi Poker Cup31$505
08.09.2019#9 Satellite to High Roller1$1100
23.07.2019Main Event76$3250
24.07.2019Main Event 1 in 10 Satellite: 15 Day 1C Seats9$1015
20.07.2019Pot Limit Omaha Bounty [250 Ko]11$475
22.06.2019Warm Up27$795
18.05.2019#5 Main Event9$8560
11.05.2019#38 NL TURBO DEEP STACK110314 c.u.
01.01.1970#14 Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1A2ticket
03.05.2019#7 Hyper Turbo Deep Stack Bounty51215 c.u.
02.05.2019#1 Satellite to Warm-Up Day 1A3ticket
26.04.2019Hyper Turbo Satellite to ME Day 1B4$550
22.04.2019Satellite to High Roller4$1100
27.03.2019#18 PLO5$3750
24.03.2019#13 PLO5$4300
21.03.2019#4 EPT National29$3250
21.02.2019High Roller2$19405
23.02.2019HT Satellite to HR Day 33$1100
20.02.2019Super Satellite to ME Day 1A2$550
20.02.2019Satellite to HR2$1100
16.02.2019Turbo Bounty 100 KO15$230
27.01.2019Omaha PL5$4150
22.01.2019Main Event MEGA Sat 20 tickets GTD (23th, 14:00)22$2828
22.01.2019Main Event MEGA Sat 10 tickets GTD (22th, 14:00)22$2828
18.01.2019WPT Opener49$1550
29.11.2018#24 PLO Bounty 125 KO6$475
26.11.2018#14 Main Event49$1170
25.11.2018#9 Sochi Poker Cup33$625
24.11.2018#10 Turbo Satellite to ME Day 1A2$550
23.11.2018#7 Satellite to HR2$1100
27.10.2018#43 Pot Limit Omaha (8 max)42805
26.10.2018#40 MIX-Max112165
19.10.2018#2 Russian Poker Championship391410
24.09.2018#9 NL Hold’em – EPT Open Sochi Main Event Satellite52200 c.u.
22.09.2018#2 NL Hold’em – Turbo – Freezeout23580 c.u.
21.05.2018MONSTER STACK222000 c.u.
22.05.2018MAIN EVENT1813000 c.u.
18.05.2018COLOSSUS222000 c.u.
29.04.2018Bounty Event3810 c.u.
25.04.2018Main Event Sochi Poker Festival301245 c.u.
24.04.2018Satellite to Main Event Day 1A2550 c.u.
23.03.2018#5 EPT MAIN EVENT760803 c.u.
22.03.2018#4 SATELLITE TO MAIN EVENT7ticket
04.09.2017EAPT Grand Final Satellite12ticket
15.10.2016EAPT THNL Main Event. 30.000 Guaranteed37570 c.u.
07.10.2016EAPT THNL FreeRoll (R&A 20). Guaranteed 4 seats to RPC Day 1A1ticket
18.08.2013WPT Big Stack Challenge. 100.000 GTD5$ 12.261
16.08.2013WPT Main Event Turbo Satellite. 8 seats Guaranteed4$4.400 Ticket
05.08.2011Texas NL / Supersatellite to ME(R&A)12Ticket
04.08.2011Omaha PL (R&A)3$10000
10.07.2010Texas NL / Main Event3$30100
05.05.2011Texas NL 11002$7520
04.05.2011Texas NL/Speed Supersatellite to ME (R&A)1Ticket
SPF Summer '22/ Ladies Event , Final table