Poker Club Management Statistics:
Tournament series: 148
Tournaments: 2,663
Players: 11,322 (ITM)
Players database: 24,283
#1 team of professional
poker managers
in Eastern Europe

Sochi Poker Club

(Sochi, Russia)

Sochi Poker Club is located on the second floor of the chic Sochi Casino, which is the first functioning casino on the territory of the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone.
This is the largest poker club in Russia, including 10 tables (each of which is equipped with shuffle machines) for a wide variety of games and limits.
The most popular games in the club are Texas NL and Omaha PL. We are also ready to offer you 7-card Stud, Hi-Lo, Crazy Pineapple and other types of poker.

The club operates around the clock.
The poker club has all the conditions for both professionals and amauters:

  • Free Poker School and Promo-Tournaments;
  • Weekly poker tournaments and Sochi Poker Festival’s own poker series, international poker series;
  • Player of the Year Award;
  • VIP poker – private game and exclusive service.


It is really a great honor for me to stand at the helm of the Sochi Casino poker club, a club that, I am sure, will soon become the center of poker not only in Russia and the CIS, but throughout Eastern Europe. We opened not just a poker club, we opened a new era of club poker in our country. In the near future we will announce grandiose plans and events. And we have something to be proud of:
— over 3 years of work – many major international tournaments;
— guests from 57 countries;
— partnership with the largest operators: partypoker, PokerStars, 888poker and Pokerdom
— top tournaments: Millions, WPT, WSOP, EAPT, EPT in Sochi;
— record guarantees.
Come and see for yourself that it’s really cool here!

Arthur VoskanyanPoker Club Manager




Sochi poker club every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are poker tournaments. You can see the schedule at just below this page in the “Tournament Schedule” section.

Rules for participation:

  • Tables for tournaments: game poker tables of the club (the number of tables can be limited)
  • Poker Type: Texas Hold’em No Limit
  • Number of Re-Entries: Unlimited
  • Start of registration for the tournament – an hour before the tournament
  • The tournament prize pool is formed from the buy-in of all tournament participants
  • During the international series, all local weekly tournaments are canceled




Order personalized service in a separate VIP room on the second floor of the casino. Blinds from 25/25 cu * The minimum application is 2500 cu Commission from 100 cu per hour from the player. Use the “closed table” service with a fixed commission per hour per table and determine the table blinds and the composition of the participants yourself.

Win the world of high stakes!

* Current cu rate check in at the casino. As of September 2021, 1 cu = 70 Russian rubles.

For any questions you may contact by phone: +7 928 234-01-40.

Tournaments schedule

Time Tournament Buy-in Guarantee Stack Levels Late
16:00 THNL Bounty (75у.е.) Re-Entry 165 y.e. 12K 15 min 8
16:00 Satellite to SPF Main Event Day 1A 100 y.e. 10K 12 min 10
16:00 THNL Re-Entry 100 y.e. 10K 12 min 10
14:00 THNL Re-Entry 200 y.e. 12K 15 min 8

Now in Sochi Poker Club

Last update:
+7 (928) 234-01-40‬
Table 1
Omaha, 7-max
Blinds: $50-50
Players: 5/7
Table 2
Hold’em, 7-max
Blinds: $10-25
Players: 7/7
Table 3
Omaha, 7-max
Blinds: $5-5
Table 4
Hold’em, 7-max
Blinds: $5-5
Players: 7/7
Table 5
Hold’em, 7-max
Blinds: $5-5
Players: 7/7
Table 6
Hold’em, 7-max
Blinds: $5-5
Players: 7/7
Table 7
Hold’em, 7-max
Blinds: $1-3
Players: 7/7
Table 8
Hold’em, 7-max
Blinds: $1-3
Players: 7/7
Table 9
Dealers Choice, 7-max
Blinds: $1-3
Players: 7/7
Table 10
Hold’em, 7-max
Blinds: $5-10