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Павел Колеп – чемпион турнира Altai Poker Cup! 

Хорошую игру продемонстрировал Павел Колеп на финальном столе APC. В решающую стадию он вышел с третьим стеком и на протяжении всей финалки держался в группе лидеров. Конечно, неплохо складывалось Павлу, без этого турниры не тащатся. В топ-7 Павел выиграл ключевую монетку с туз-король против карманных дам Андрея Суслякова, а в 4-макс отправил в кассу Игоря […]

01Tournaments Live
Live: 30 Satellite to Mini Main Event, seat at 50K chips
Current level 12
Players 0 / 23
Reentries/Rebuys/Addons 1 / - / -
Average stack 0
Buy-in $125
Prize pool $2,750.0
Level will be finished in:
Blinds 600 / 1 200
Ante 1 200
Next level: 13
Blinds: 800 / 1 600Ante: 1 600
Payouts structure
1 - 5550
Tournament info
Live: 19 Main Event Final Day
Current level 32
Players 2 / 187
Reentries/Rebuys/Addons 13 / - / -
Average stack 2 932 500
Buy-in $750
Prize pool $126,664.5
Level will be finished in:
Blinds 50 000 / 100 000
Ante 100 000
Next level: 33
Blinds: 60 000 / 120 000Ante: 120 000
Payouts structure
10 - 112,510
12 - 132,215
14 - 152,025
16 - 171,835
18 - 201,645
21 - 231,455
24 - 261,265
Tournament info
Live: 31 Mini Main Event Bounty [200 Bounty]
Current level 26
Players 5 / 79
Reentries/Rebuys/Addons 27 / 45 / -
Average stack 519 000
Buy-in $550
Prize pool $37,525.0
Level will be finished in:
Blinds 15 000 / 25 000
Ante 25 000
Next: break
Break duration 10 min
Payouts structure
10 - 11545
Tournament info
Live: 32 Progressive Bounty [80 Bounty]
Break 15 minutes
Players 15 / 42
Reentries/Rebuys/Addons 10 / - / -
Average stack 56 000
Buy-in $140
Prize pool $6,000.0
Break will be finished in:
Next level: 12
Blinds: 600 / 1 200Ante: 1 200
Payouts structure
Tournament info
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EAPT Altai
September, 17-26, Altai
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MILLIONS North Cyprus
September, 16-27, NC
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22 / September 2021

EAPT Алтай Сентябрь 2021

На днях закончились большие онлайн-серии, в том числе и WSOP Online на GGпокерок. Последние полтора месяца главный тренер “Команды А” Николай “Nsmirnov” упорно гриндил дорогие МТТ, а сейчас подвёл итоги – но не денежные, а сугубо профессиональные. Прочитайте, наверняка найдёте что-то для себя. Первое и самое главное – режим. То, что никак не получает наладить […]
17 / September 2021

Программа развлечений EAPT Алтай

Сегодня в казино Altai Palace стартовал осенний этап Евразийского покерного тура. Уже по доброй традиции серии на Алтае – это не только и не столько про покер, сколько про дружные веселые компании, совместные вечеринки и фирменные сибирские аттракционы. Так будет и на этот раз, PCM и Altai Palace подготовили для игроков довольно насыщенную программу развлечений. […]
7 / September 2021

Геннадий Реутов выиграл Sochi Poker Cup на SPF ОСЕНЬ

В Казино Сочи завершился первый крупный турнир осеннего этапа SPF. Чемпионом Sochi Poker Cup на шестьсот с лишним входов стал Геннадий Реутов, пополнивший свою копилку призовых на 1,7 млн рублей. На нынешнем SPF и Warm Up, и Sochi Poker Cup начинались в первый же игровой день. И хотя в SPC было зафиксировано в два с […]
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07Live cash in poker clubs
Sochi Poker Club
Sochi, Russia
Total tables: 10 | Active tables: 2
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08Reviews from our friends
01 / 08
Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey, USA

Thank you for the great experience during the 2020 MILLIONS Sochi Tournament.
I really appreciated the professionalism and hospitality provided by the Poker Club Management team. Their teamwork created a first class environment for all of us.
I look forward to returning to Russia in the near future and playing in the MILLIONS Sochi Tournament for many years to come.

02 / 08
Timothy Adams
Timothy Adams, Canada

The staff of Poker Club Management is very helpful and friendly! I played in Sochi twice, and it has become one of my favourite places to play poker in the world.

03 / 08
Timofey Trueteller Kuznetsov
Timofey Trueteller Kuznetsov, Russia

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of organisation of the Millions Russia, tournaments were held clearly, even the security did not let it down.

04 / 08
Chin Wei Lim
Chin Wei Lim, Malaysia

Excellent organization! Especially great dedication to the production team. The winner's photo/video is just next level!

05 / 08
Alexandr Kravchenko
Alexandr Kravchenko, Russia

The level of PCM team work is the highest standards. I believe that they are better than foreign counterparts in the US or Europe.

06 / 08
Mikhail Semin
Mikhail Semin, Russia

I can’t be objective, because it was Arthur who introduced me to poker, invited me to tournaments in different cities and countries, was my first backer and fed tasty food in different restaurants. Although, afterwards, I visited all the largest series as a player and commentator, and I have something to compare with.

07 / 08
John Duthie
John Duthie, UK

Extraordinarily efficient and professional, but also providing an element of enjoyment to the game, Poker Club Management with Artur Voskanyan at its helm and surrounded by his highly experienced and friendly team remove the worries that Tournament hosts and owners often confront. A great choice.

08 / 08
Daria «Scarlett_D» Feshchenko
Daria «Scarlett_D» Feshchenko, Russia

PCM has an amazing way of bringing a fresh breath into poker, making it not just a game, but a way of life. Excellent organization, creative approach, professional staff and always fascinating entertainment - this brings the series to a high level and sets a certain level of quality.

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EPT Sochi

Final video summary of the EPT Sochi