Poker Club Management Statistics:
Tournament series: 120
Tournaments: 1890
Players: 6163
Team of professional
poker managers #1
in Eastern Europe


Poker Club Management – is a team of soul-mates. Its story started in the 90s of the last century. We witnessed and contributed to poker’s slowly spreading in Russia and in some time it became a large and successful industry. Thanks to our hard work and persistence our company has risen to such supreme heights that now we can state that Poker Club Management is the most professional team of poker managers in the post-Soviet area.

All the members of Poker Club Management are chosen to advantage to perform their tasks and to achieve the best possible results. Calling ourselves professionals we mean our good experience acquired during many years of work, our knowledge and skills which we improve every day.



Poker Club Management – major fields of activities:

We create this game for you professionally and we constantly improve and upgrade our skills. Our main task is to make your free time enjoyable and to let you play a high quality game of poker. In the nearest future there will be a lot of interesting tournaments, offers and bonuses. Follow the news of the company Poker Club Management at our web-site.


Company history:


Poker Club Management is the official, exclusive partner of the following international CIS brands: partypoker LIVE, Dusk Till Dawn.

Tournament organizer:

  1. Shangri La Celebrity Invitation (2005) (The first Russian TV poker tournament)
  2. East Europe Poker Championship (2006)
  3. Shangri La Celebrity Invitation (2006) (The second Russian TV poker tournament)
  4. Russian Winter Poker Tournament (2007)
  5. Stalingrad Open Poker Tournament (2007)
  6. Russian Summer Poker Tournament (2007)
  7. Russian Winter Poker Tournament (2008)
  8. Russian Spring Poker Tournament (2008)
  9. No-Limit Holdem Russian Championship Zavidovo (August 2008)
  10. Russian Summer Poker Tournament (2008)
  11. Moscow Open (2008)
  12. Monaco Editors Challenge (2009)
  13. Russian Poker Tour (Moscow 2009)
  14. Red Sea Poker Cup (May, 2009)
  15. Sport Poker Cup of Ukraine (2009)
  16. Red Sea Poker Cup (September, 2009)
  17. Red Sea Poker Cup (November, 2009)
  18. Russian Poker Tour Kiev (March, 2010)
  19. Mediterranean Poker Cup Malta (March, 2010)
  20. Russian Poker Tour Yalta (May, 2010)
  21. Red Sea Poker Cup (May, 2010).
  22. Mediterranean Poker Cup Cyprus (July, 2010)
  23. Russian Poker Tour Odessa (August, 2010)
  24. Ukranean Open Championship “First Capital” (October, 2010)
  25. Mediterranean Poker Cup Cyprus. (November, 2010)
  26. Red Sea Poker Cup (December, 2010)
  27. Mediterranean Poker Cup Cyprus (May, 2011)
  28. Red Sea Poker Cup (July, 2011)
  29. Merit Cyprus Classic (August, 2011)
  30. Merit Poker Series Fall Open (October, 2011)
  31. Merit Autumn Classic’2011 (November, 2011)
  32. Merit Holiday Poker Series (December, 2011)
  33. Merit Winter Fest Poker (January 2012)
  34. Betfair Poker Live. Winter Kiev Special (February, 2012)
  35. Merit Poker Series Spring Open (March, 2012)
  36. Mediterranean Poker Cup (May, 2012)
  37. PokerStars Russian Poker Series Grand Final (May, 2012)
  38. Merit Summer Slam Poker (June, 2012)
  39. WPT Cyprus Classic (August, 2012)
  40. Lebanese Poker Tour Cyprus. Stage 1 (September, 2012)
  41. Merit Fall Poker Open (November, 2012г.)
  42. Lebanese Poker Tour Cyprus. Stage 2 (December, 2012)
  43. Merit Poker Winterfest (January, 2013)
  44. Lebanese Poker Tour Cyprus. Stage 3 (February, 2013)
  45. WPT Merit National Event Cyprus (March, 2013)
  46. Lebanese Poker Tour Cyprus (April, 2013)
  47. Mediterranean Poker Cup (May, 2013)
  48. Merit World Poker Cup (July, 2013)
  49. WPT Cyprus Classic (August, 2013)
  50. Eurasian Poker Tour Kiev (September, 2013)
  51. Merit Poker Fall Open (September – October 2013)
  52. Bwin WPT National Merit Cyprus (November, 2013)
  53. Eurasian Poker Tour. Kazakhstan (November 2013)
  54. Merit Poker Winterfest. Cyprus (January, 2014)
  55. The Grand Live Cyprus (February, 2014)
  56. Eurasian Poker Tour Kazakhstan (March 2014)
  57. WPT — Merit National Event, Cyprus. (April, 2014)
  58. Mediterranean Poker Cup. Cyprus (May, 2014)
  59. PartyPoker WPT National Kazakhstan (May, 2014)
  60. WPTN Merit. Cyprus (June-July 2014)
  61. PartyPoker WPT Merit North Cyprus Classic Festival (September, 2014)
  62. Merit Fall Open 888 Live (October, 2014)
  63. PartyPoker WPT National Kazakhstan (November, 2014)
  64. Merit Poker Winter Fest (January, 2015)
  65. Merit Poker Western Texas Tournament (March, 2015)
  66. Mediterranean Poker Cup (May, 2015)
  67. PartyPoker WPT National Kazakhstan (May, 2015)
  68. Europe-Bet WPT National Georgia (June, 2015)
  69. Mediterranean Pirates Poker Cup. Cyprus. (June 2015)
  70. Gangster Poker Cup. Cyprus (July — August 2015)
  71. Merit Series of Poker. Cyprus (September 2015)
  72. Merit Poker The Oscars Tournament. Cyprus (October —November 2015)
  73. Europe-Bet WPT National Georgia (November 2015)
  74. PartyPoker WPT National Kazakhstan (Novemberь 2015)
  75. Merit Poker Harley Davidson Poker Tour (January, 2016)
  76. Eurasian Poker Tour. Minsk (February, 2016)
  77. Merit Poker Western Tournament. Cyprus (March 2016)
  78. Eurasian Poker Tour. Kazakhstan (April, 2016)
  79. Mediterranean Poker Cup. Cyprus (April – May 2016)
  80. EAPT Kazakhstan (July 2016)
  81. Merit Poker Retro Cup. Cyprus (June 2016)
  82. MSOP Gangsters & Chicago Кипр (September 2016)
  83. The Oscars Poker Cup Cyprus (November 2016)
  84. Merit Poker Tour Cyprus (January 2017)
  85. Merit Poker Western Cyprus (February 2017)
  86. partypoker MILLIONS — Sochi (March, 2017)
  87. Merit Poker Western Cyprus – (March, 2017)
  88. Merit Mediterranean Poker Tour Cyprus (April, 2017)
  89. PokerStars Championship Sochi — Sochi (May, 2017)
  90. Merit Poker Top Guns Cyprus – (May, 2017)
  91. partypoker MILLIONS — Sochi (September, 2017)
  92. partypoker Caribbean Poker Party — Dominican Republic (November, 2017)
  93. partypoker EAPT Prague — Czech Republic (December, 2017)
  94. Merit Poker Western Tournament Cyprus – (January, 2018)
  95. Merit Poker Top Guns Cyprus – (February, 2018)
  96. partypoker Eurasian Poker Tour Snowfest (February 2018)
  97. Merit Poker Series Cyprus (March 2018)
  98. PokerStars EPT Sochi (March 2018)
  99. Sochi Poker Festival Sochi (April 2018)
  100. Mediterranean Poker Cup Cyprus (May 2018)
  101. WSOP Circuit Sochi (May 2018)
  102. Merit Poker Retro Cyprus (June 2018)
  103. partypoker EAPT Minsk (June 2018)
  104. Sochi Poker Festival Sochi (July 2018)
  105. MILLIONS Russia Sochi (August 2018)
  106. partypoker EAPT Altai (August 2018)
  107. Gangsters Poker Cup Cyprus (September 2018)
  108. PokerStars EPT Open Sochi (September 2018)
  109. partypoker EAPT GrandFinal (октябрь 2018)
  110. Merit Poker Cup Vintage (октябрь 2018)
  111. Caribbean Poker Party (ноябрь 2018)
  112. Sochi Poker Festival (ноябрь 2018)
  113. Merit Poker Tour (January 2019)
  114. World Poker Tour (January 2019)


Clubs created by the company:

  1. Shangri La Poker club (Moscow)
  2. Poker Club casino Jazz Town (Moscow)
  3. Poker Club Asia (Moscow)
  4. Poker Club New York (Moscow)
  5. Poker Club casino Metropol (Moscow)
  6. Sports Poker Club Hot Dog (Moscow)
  7. Poker Club Ananas (Moscow)
  8. Poker Club Devyatka (Moscow)
  9. Poker Club Wall Street Bar (Moscow)
  10. Poker Club Maestro (Kiev)
  11. Poker Club KU-KU (Moscow)
  12. Poker Club Gladiator (Moscow)

Among our friends and partners there are many people well-known in the poker world:

Poker Club Management Team:

Arthur Voskanyan

CEO and The Owner of Poker Club Management
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Sergey Petin

Tournament Director of Poker Club Management
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Mikhail Kondratov

Club Management Specialist
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Maria Lavrentyeva

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Marianna Mazur

Key account manager
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Nelly Voskanyan

Key account manager
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Zoya Astakhova

Cash game manager
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Aleksey Smolin

Tournament manager
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Denis Kostyuk

Manager of the project "Poker for Corporate event"
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Oleg Paramon

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Yana Kapitsa

Assistant manager
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Darya Kokhan

Finance manager
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Olga Bushe

Promotional model
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Alexander Isachenko

Digital marketing manager
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Team's project
«Mne vse poker»

Popularization of poker in Russia and the CIS countries as an especial lifestyle, freedom and intellectual, psychological and sports game.

In 2015, the Russian rap artist Dino MC 47 and the journalist of PokerCM Maria Lavrentieva, recorded a music video and the song "Mne vse poker' at the Mediterranean Poker Cup series in Cyprus, Merit hotel. hotel. The presentation took place in Moscow on July 6, 2016. The music video was in the rotation of the music channels. A launched clothing line "Mne vse poker" was filmed in this video and became popular among players.

Watch Dino MC 47 ft. Maria Lavrenteva video