How to get to Casino Sochi from Sochi Airport?

Once again you have reached the page of a potential guest of Casino Sochi. In this series of posts we tell you about the nuances of travelling to Sochi for foreign citizens. Last time we explained the principles of the visa regime in Russia, now we will tell you how to get to Casino Sochi when the guest has already arrived in Sochi and received his luggage.


Upon arrival at the international airport of Sochi (Adler), the player will have about an hour’s journey to Krasnaya Polyana resort, a specially designated gambling zone where legal casinos can provide their services. Unfamiliar with the peculiarities of local transport, a city guest can order a taxi to Krasnaya Polyana directly at the airport at one of the counters, in this case the price of the trip will be 2-3 thousand rubles (~ $25-$35).

Another way is to download special applications for calling a taxi. There are several of them in Sochi, the most popular ones are “Yandex.GO”, “Uber”, “Taxi Maxim”, “Taxi Vezet”. Change some cash at the airport into rubles to have something to pay for taxis. Do not change a lot, the exchange rate at the airport is often quite unfavourable, and directly in “Casino Sochi” there is a currency exchange office with a rate close to the market rate.

The cost of a trip when ordering through the app will be ~ 1,700 rubles (~ $20) for an economy class car and ~ 3,000 rubles (~ $35) for business class. After placing an order, the app will display the driver’s photo, his name and car number to make it easier for you to find him. And if the driver isn’t there yet, the app will show you his exact location and wait time. The journey time to the casino will be 40 minutes. The worst option is to try to catch a taxi on the street or try to negotiate with the driver at the airport exit, in this case the player is not guaranteed safety, also the price of the trip is unknown, which can be very different from the price in the app.

public transport

Not the most convenient option, especially if you are unfamiliar with the town. But still, there are two options to get to Krasnaya Polyana by public transport: a bus and a high-speed suburban train.

  • Train

From the airport you will need to get to the railway station “Adler”, located 4 kilometres away. Call a taxi (the cost of the trip is about 350 rubles or ~ $4) or use the bus route #558. You will need to travel only three stops and get off at the station “Adler Station”. After the inspection, go up to the first floor of the station on the suburban direction and in the nearby ticket offices buy a ticket for the train, which is called “Lastochka”. The ticket will cost ~ 300 rubles (~ $3.50). The first Lastochka departs from Sochi at 8:15, the last one – at 20:12 local time, so if you arrived at night, this way is not suitable for you.

It takes about half an hour on the Lastochka, you will need to get off at the Esto-Sadok station. Then you need to call a taxi or take a bus, routes #105, 105c and 535 are suitable. Your final stop is Megafon.

  • Bus

The cheapest way to get to Krasnaya Polyana. Exit the airport and find the stop “Sochi Airport – Arrival”. Wait for bus number 535, 105 or 105c. The ticket will cost 200 rubles (~$2.50) and the journey time is 80 minutes. You will need to get off at the “Megafon” stop.

Rental car

Renting a car to a foreigner can be problematic, but it is not impossible. Book a suitable car on specialised websites, such as, after which you need to leave Sochi Airport on Mira Street, turn around, drive to Kostromskaya Street, and after a couple of kilometres turn off onto the New Krasnopolyanskoye Highway (A-149). Follow the motorway for 37 km to the resort “Gorki Gorod”, there you need Estonskaya Street. Go straight ahead, “Casino Sochi” is located on Estonskaya Street, 51.

Be careful! When travelling on the motorway, drivers often do not observe the speed limit and overtake on the oncoming lane. Please note that winter tyres must be fitted on your car in winter.

Congratulations! You have reached “Casino Sochi” and you are ready to show your rivals all your skills. But that’s for later, first you need to find accommodation and food. We will tell you about the best hotels in Krasnaya Polyana and the most rated restaurants in the following articles.