22-30 June
Casino Sochi, Russia

Sochi Poker Festival: SUMMER

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Tournament info

Tournament info


Poker Club Management and partypoker are invite you to take part in the summer stage of the most popular budget series in the CIS – now with a record guarantee of 25,000,000 rubles!

A traditional tournament schedule with one twist awaits you – on the last day of the series there will be a turbocharged version of the Main tournament for all who want to win money at last. And the rest – everything is as usual: affordable buy-ins, high guarantees and the best place in Russia for playing poker!

The full schedule and structure of the tournaments are placed below at this page.

TournamentDatesBuy-in (RUB)Buy-in (USD)GTD (RUB)GTD (USD)
Main Event
27-30 June38,500~$5507,000,000~$100,000
Sochi Poker Cup
24-27 June19,250~$2752,000,000~$30,000
Warm Up
22-25 June30,800~$4403,500,000~$50,000
High Roller
27-30 June77,000~$1,1003,000,000~$42,000

The license holder and operator of this event is Casino Sochi.

Casino Sochi // 51 Estonskaya street, Estosadok Village, Sochi, Krasnodar region, Russian Federation

Dress code: Casual, but no sportswear.
Minimum age: 18 years+
NB: Must bring a valid government issued passport or ID to participate.

Please Note: To enter the Russian Federation you will need a visa if there is no international treaty between the Russian Federation and your country establishing a visa-free regime.

View the list of countries where a visa for Russia is not required here.

Feel free to email us should you require any help to obtain your visa – cs@partypokerlive.com.

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День 1
DateTournamentBuy-inStackLevelsEntriesPrize pool
30.06.2019 00:00Main Event$5503000048492$233,700.0
26.06.2019 00:00High Roller$1,1005000046126$119,700.0
26.06.2019 00:00Sochi Poker Cup$2752500023318$75,525.0
22.06.2019 00:00Warm Up$4403000048261$99,180.0
DateTournamentBuy-inStackLevelsEntriesPrize pool
27.06.2019 00:00 Main Event$5503000048492$233,700.0
26.06.2019 00:00 Hyper Turbo Deep Stack$220250004768$12,920.0
24.06.2019 00:00 Sochi Poker Cup$2752500049318$75,525.0
28.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Main Event Day 1B win your seat at 150 000 chips$601500047109$5,995.0
28.06.2019 00:00 Pot Limit Omaha$440150004850$19,000.0
28.06.2019 00:00 Bounty Satellite to Day 1C or Day 2 Main Event [100 Ko]$200150004786$14,869.4
22.06.2019 00:00 Warm Up$4403000048261$99,180.0
30.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Main Event Turbo ver.$75150004752$3,408.6
29.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Main Event Turbo$75150004787$5,702.9
25.06.2019 00:00 Supersatellite to High Roller$1651500048103$14,677.5
25.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Sochi Poker Cup Day 1B$301500047131$3,484.6
25.06.2019 00:00 Bounty [200 KO]$4401500047127$48,260.0
28.06.2019 00:00 SATELLITE TO MAIN EVENT DAY 1C WIN YOUR SEAT AT 75K CHIPS$120150004866$7,260
27.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Main Event Day 1A win your seat at 150 000 chips$60150004794$5,170.0
27.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to High Roller Day 2 win your seat at 150 000 chips$120150004734$3,740.0
23.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Warm Up Day 1C$60150004792$4,807.0
26.06.2019 00:00 High Roller$1,1005000046126$119,700.0
23.06.2019 00:00 Pot Limit Omaha Bounty [125 KO] 8- max$275150004756$13,300.0
27.06.2019 00:00 Turbo Deep Stack Bounty [100 KO]$2202000047155$29,450.0
29.06.2019 00:00 Super Bounty [200 KO]$3301500048110$31,350.0
23.06.2019 00:00 Bounty Satellite to Day 1 A Main Event [100 Ko]$200150004772$12,448.8
24.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to High Roller$150150004755$7,158.3
22.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Warm Up Day 1A win your seat at 120 000 chips$601500047114$6,270.0
23.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Warm Up Day 1B win your seat at 120 000 chips$60150004795$5,225.0
24.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Main Event Day 1A win your seat at 150 000 chips$60150004760$3,300.0
30.06.2019 00:00 Main Event Turbo version$5503000048115$54,625.0
22.06.2019 00:00 Satellite to Warm Up Day 1В$70150004790$5,472.0
26.06.2019 00:00 Supersatellite to Day 1A Main Event$751500048170$11,143.5
22.06.2019 00:00 Bounty [150 KO]$330150004788$25,080.0
30.06.2019 00:00 Hyper Turbo Deep Stack Bounty [75 KO]$1502000048111$14,446.7


01 economical
  • Budget buy-ins from $35
  • Main Event buy-in ~$550, ~$100,000 GTD!
  • Gold bracelet Casino Sochi for the eventual champion
02 main
  • Absence of a visa barrier
  • English-speaking management
  • Transfers of any currency and amounts
  • No taxes
  • Payment of tournaments and cash games in Russian roubles
  • Professional team of Arthur Voskanyan - Poker Club Management
  • Entertaining events
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Low commission in tournaments
  • Assistance with accommodation and transfer
04 Gorki Gorod
  • The whole city with a full-fledged infrastructure
  • 40 minutes from the casino: airport, sea, Olympic Park
  • Near the Casino: mountains and Ski-park
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, shops, water park, shopping mall and more
05 nature and fun
  • Scenic trips to the mountains
  • 500 meters above sea level
  • 200 meters bungee - the highest in Russia
  • The sea is 40 minutes away
  • Eco-trails in Krasnaya Polyana's mountains


Where will the series be held?

The series will be held on the territory of the gaming zone Krasnaya Polyana, 70 km from the city of Sochi.

How to pay for the entrance to the tournament?

Payment for buy-ins is made by casino chips, which are purchased at the box office for Russian rubles at a rate of 70 rubles per 1 conventional unit of the casino.

Do I need to have documents with me?

To obtain the entrance card of the casino you will need a passport.

Who can participate?

All interested persons are at the age of 18 years.

Where to live?

Ideal option is the hotel Marriott, which is adjacent to the "Sochi Casino and Resort" - the venue of the series. Also nearby is a huge number of hotels and apartments. Our manager will always help you choose the right option.

Can fans come with me?

Of course, they can watch the game from the outside.

What is prize pool?

The total guaranteed prize pool is 25,000,000 RUR (approx. $350,000). The Guarantee of the Main Event is 7,000,000 RUR (apprx. $100,000).

Can I pay for buy-ins by partypoker account?

Yes, you have such an opportunity. A special desk will work for this purpose.

Can I pay for buy-ins by PPL Dollars?

Yes, you have such an opportunity. A special desk will work for this purpose.

Are qualifying satellites online?

Yes, satellites to the PPL dollars are held daily at the partypoker.