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18.06.2021#1 SPF Satellite to Warm Up Day 1A seat at 75K chips4330 c.u.
18.06.2021#1 SPF Satellite to Warm Up Day 1A seat at 75K chips16330 c.u.
03.05.2015Warm Up. $125.000 Guaranteed152700
02.05.2015NLH 275. R&A. $35.000 Guaranteed72950
04.09.2014WPTN Warm Up. 300.000 Guaranteed1$101.087
06.07.2014PartyPoker WPT National Merit Cyprus Main Event. 300.000 Guaranteed294292
03.07.2014WPTN Mix Max (Re Entry). 70.000 Guaranteed172046
29.06.2014WPTN Turbo Satellite to ME (R&A). 8 seats Guaranteed8ticket
28.06.2014WPTN Turbo Charged Deep Stack. 30.000 Guaranteed4$3686
26.06.2014WPTN Turbo Satellite to ME (R&A). 8 seats Guaranteed1Ticket
29.05.2014Texas NL / Satellite to WPT/EAPT Day 1B. 5 seats Guaranteed1Ticket to ME
28.05.2014Cash Ville Cup. 100.000 Guaranteed101.814
27.05.2014Texas NL / Satellite to WPT/EAPT Day 1A. 6 seats Guaranteed2Ticket
25.05.2014WPTN Classic 6 Shooter. 25.000 Guaranteed91.018
05.05.2014Texas NL / Classic 6-Shooter. 60.000 Guaranteed1$ 18.624
24.03.2014Texas NL / Turbo Satellite to CVC Day 1A(Re Entry). 5 seats Guaranteed1Ticket
21.03.2014Texas NL / Bounty [150 Bounty] (Re Entry). 25.000 Guaranteed23660
24.03.2014Kazakhstan Poker Championship(Re Entry) Day 1A. 150.000 Guaranteed122580
28.02.2014Texas NL / Warm Up73698
26.02.2014Texas NL / EET Main Event68340
25.02.2014Texas NL / 6 Max Deep Stack27169
15.01.2014Texas NL / Satellite to ME (R&A). 10 seats Guaranteed1Ticket
14.01.2014Texas NL / Winterfest Warm-Up. 150.000 Guaranteed5$9587
08.09.2013Texas NL / Bounty (75 Dounty). 10.000 Guaranteed3$ 1 525