Going to MILLIONS Cyprus? Save this article to yourself

The partypoker LIVE MILLIONS North Cyprus stage will start in a month. We’ve prepared the article, where we’ve collected all the restrictions, rules, requirements and indulgences that relate to life in North Cyprus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which applications to download, where to fill out the flight pass, which vaccines are suitable and where not to get without a QR code.

Ph: Viacheslav Lopatin

Dividing into zones

As we have already told you before, due to a new wave of infection caused by the delta strain of coronavirusAlso known as lineage B.1.617.2, or Indian variant, the authorities of North Cyprus have introduced new restrictions for tourists and prescribed new rules for staying on the island. All the countries are divided into several zones – from dark red to gray.
Here is what they mean:

  • Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Georgia and other statesSouth Cyprus, Great Britain, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Andorra, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Portugal, Reunion Island, Saint Martin, USA, Faroe Islands are into the”Red Zone”. This means that those who come from these countries will have to present a negative PCR test translated into English (the validity period is 72 hours), and also serve a quarantine: 5 days (it does not matter whether there is a vaccine or not). However, a vaccine is required to enter the casino.

The full course is two vaccinations. The Russian “Sputnik V” is suitable, those who have been ill with coronavirus over the past six months and those who have put a foreign vaccine on themselves will also be vaccinated: (Pfizer / BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna, CoronaVac, Sinopharm, Johnson&Johnson).

Look at the requirements for people arriving from other countries:

  • Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries, Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, othersThere are 27 countries in the list of the “orange zone”, including: France, Monaco, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the Scandinavian countries. This means that those who come from these countries will also have to present a negative PCR test, but otherwise there will be concessions: vaccinated / recovered from quarantine, and unvaccinated will have to serve 5 days in isolation.
  • Germany, Poland and othersAustralia, Hungary, New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia fell into the “Green Zone”. Vaccinated / ill people who came from these countries will not be limited by anything. The unvaccinated will only need to present a negative PCR test.
  • Mexico, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, India and almost 50 more countries, most of them are countries of the so-called. “third world”, got into the “dark red zone”. Those who came from these countries to Northern Cyprus will not be allowed at all. No dough, no vaccinated, none.
  • Armenia, Maldives, Cambodia, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Thailand, Montenegro and two dozen other countries fell into the “Gray Zone”. Those who come from these countries will be asked for a negative PCR test, and then placed in a mandatory two-week quarantine.

When assessing which “zone” you came from, they will look not at the citizenship in the passport, but at the movements around the world over the past 14 days. For example, if you are a Russian citizen, but you have been travelling in Turkey for the last 14 days, then you will be considered to be in the “orange zone”, and not in the “red”.

Please note: All medical documents (tests, vaccination certificates (only in Larnaca) must be translated into English. It is also necessary that at least 14 days have passed after the last administration of the second dose of the vaccine. In any case, the PCR test should be passed to all those entering – both vaccinated and not. The exception is only for visitors from the “green” zone.

If you’re traveling from Russia:

If you are flying to North Cyprus via South Cyprus and Larnaca Airport, then you need to:

  1. Pass a PCR test no more than 72 hours before arrival (request a translation into English, usually all laboratories send the result in two languages);
  2. Within 48 hours before departure, head to the Cyprus Flight Pass website, fill out an entry application for each traveler (including children), upload the results of a PCR test or a certificate of vaccination there. After filling out the form, you will receive an email with a QR code. You need to print it out before the flight and upon arrival in Cyprus; Specify any hotel in the South part of Cyprus, not Merit.
  3. Get and print out a pro-visa (you can get it online on the website of the Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in Russia). Attention: filling in the “hotel” column, do not indicate that you are going to live in the “Merit” hotel, otherwise you will be refused a pro – visa. Specify any hotel in South Cyprus, for example, “Four Seasons Hotel”. Write to us if you have any problems with this item;
  4. Download the Guven Kal app (iOS / Andriod)to your phone. In the application, register and complete all the steps up to receiving a QR code. There will be a payment button, you need to click it and pay 750 Turkish lira (~ $100). 350 lira will be returned to you after the trip. Specify the Merit hotel in the application.
  5. We will send you 2 vouchers (Greek (useful in Larnaca) and a voucher for Merit), if necessary, they will need to be shown from the phone (a Greek voucher is required in Larnaca);
  6. Upon arrival in Larnaca, you will need to pass another PCR test for those who do not have a vaccine. The cost is 15 euros. If you have a vaccination, just show your certificate from your phone.

At the checkpoint between South Cyprus and North Cyprus, you will need to show your passport and a PCR test.

If you are flying to Northern Cyprus via Turkey and Ercan Airport, then you need to:

  1. Pass a PCR test no more than 72 hours before arrival (request an English translation);
  2. Download the Guven Kal application (iOS / Andriod) to your phone;
  3. Register in the application and all the steps up to receiving a QR code. There will be a payment button, you need to click it and pay 750 Turkish lira (~ $100). 350 lira will be returned to you after the trip;
  4. We will send you vouchers, if necessary, they will need to be shown from the phone

It is better to put an entry stamp on a separate leaflet: the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus consider visiting North Cyprus a violation of immigration law, so it is better to refrain from any marks about visiting a partially recognized country in the passport, otherwise in the future there may be difficulties with obtaining a Schengen visa.

You will be asked for registration in the Guven Kal application, PCR test and passport at the Turkish border. On arrival, you will be given a special bracelet that connects via the Guven Kal app. This application will monitor your movements during a five-day quarantine. The bracelet will be removed after 5 days.

Some an update about entering North Cyprus.
The rules have been adjusted, one more item has been added to everything described above.

Starting September 6, people who will enter North Cyprus by air, by sea or through a checkpoint, taking into account the criteria for entry into the country (a negative result of the PCR test in the last 72 hours) must fill out a form on the website adapass.gov.ct.tr before the trip. They fill out a form and receive a QR code. People who do not add information to this site and do not receive a QR code will not be able to enter the country.

The added documents will be checked when entering the country, so you must bring them with you. Citizens of other countries must attach their valid certificates and/or PCR test results to the section specified in the application. With the received code, they will be able to enter the country. This application is mandatory for persons aged 18 years and older.

Call center: 1102


In order for you to be quarantined, you need to live somewhere. In the case of MILLIONS North Cyprus participants, the place of residence will be the Merit hotel complex. The address of your hotel, phone number and a list of people you will be staying with, need to be uploaded to the Guven Kal app. The time of serving isolation will begin from the moment of pairing the electronic bracelet you are wearing and the Guven Kal application (specially trained people are responsible for this). After activating the bracelet, you will be given 2 hours to get to your place of residence.

During the entire quarantine period, you will be forbidden to leave the territory of the Merit Hotel – Guven Kal will monitor your movements. You can walk around the territory everywhere: restaurants, casinos, the beach. After the end of the isolation period, the bracelet will be removed from you, you will have to pass another PCR test; a QR code will appear in the application and you will be free to move. But not always and not everywhere.

Quarantine measures in North Cyprus:

Since 16th of August, new restrictions have been introduced.

    • Curfew is from midnight to 05:00;
    • Cafes and restaurants are open only until 23:30;
    • Grocery stores are open until 23:00;
    • Masks must be worn on public beaches.
If you have any questions about traveling to MILLIONS North Cyprus, if you need help with obtaining a pro-visa or obtaining vouchers, if you are faced with an unpleasant situation in Northern Cyprus, write to us in the live chat (the button at the bottom right of the screen) or call our Nelly at +90 533 832 59 99.

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