September, 16-27 || over $5,000,000 Guarantee!
Northern Cyprus

MILLIONS North Cyprus

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Tournament info

Tournament info


partypoker LIVE and Poker Club Management invite you to spend the early autumn in a truly paradise!

Players are awaiting the first ever MILLIONS in Northern Cyprus, and the highlight of the series will be the Main Event with a buy-in of $5,300 and a guaranteed prize pool of $3,000,000.

Tournament Dates Buy-in Guarantee
September, 22-27 $5,300 $3,000,000
High Roller
September, 19-22 $10,500 $500,000
Warm Up
September, 16-20 $2,200 $500,000
Super High Roller
September, 21-22 $25,500

The license holder and operator of MILLIONS Cyprus is Casino “Merit”.

Merit Crystal Cove & Casino // Alsancak Mevkii Girne KKTC, 99350 / (Tel: +90 392 650 02 00)
Dress code: Casual, but no sportswear.
Minimum age: 18 years+
NB: Must bring a valid government issued passport or ID to participate. Players may only speak English at the table.

A visa to visit Northern Cyprus is not required. You will need to put an entry stamp at the border, but take care of your passport from it – the stamp can also be put in a separate leaflet. In the case of affixing a stamp to passport, then decent difficulties may arise with obtaining a Shegen visa.

You can read more about visa requirements in Northern Cyprus in the appropriate section below.

Happy holders of a Russian passport can enter the territory of Northern Cyprus if they have a negative PCR test for coronavirus, which was passed no later than three days after arrival. Upon arrival, you will need to undergo quarantine at your hotel: 5 days if you are vaccinated against COVID-19, and a whole week if not.

You can read detailed information about the epidemiological situation and requirements for foreigners in the section “Wthat about COVID-19” just below on this page.

Date # Start time Tournament Buy-in + fee ($) Buy-in
(casino units)
Stack Levels Late
Guarantee LVL a Day Reg rules
111:00NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1A$200+$2010 K15 min83 seatsFinishULRE
212:00NL Warm Up Day 1A$2.000+$200100 K60 min12$500.0008ULRE
317:30NL Bounty [$300 K.O.]$600+$6015 K15 min9$25.000FinishULRE
421:30NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1B$200+$2012 K15 min95 seatsFinishULRE
511:00NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1B$200+$2010 K15 min83 seatsFinishULRE
212:00NL Warm Up Day 1B$2.000+$200100 K60 min12$500.0008ULRE
617:30NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1C$200+$2012 K15 min94 seatsFinishULRE
721:00NL Turbo Deep Stack$600+$6020 K15 min10$30.000FinishULRE
221:30NL Warm Up Day 1C Turbo$2.000+$200100 K30 min12$500.0008ULRE
822:00NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1D or Day 2$200+$2012 K15 min94 seatsFinishULRE
210:00NL Warm Up Day 1D Turbo$2.000+$200100 K15 min12$500.0008ULRE
212:30NL Warm Up Day 2$2.000+$200100 K60 min12$500.000ITMULRE
918:00NL Turbo$500+$5015 K15 min9$20,000FinishULRE
1021:30NL Super Sat. to High Roller Day 1$1.000+$10015 K20 / 15 min95 seatsFinishULRE
212:00NL Warm Up Day 3ClosedClosed60 minClosed$500.000FT-
1114:00PL Omaha Bounty [$400K.O.] (8-max)$800+$8020 K15 min9$25.000FinishULRE
1218:00NL Turbo Sat. to High Roller Day 1$700+$7012 K15 min92 seatsFinishULRE
1322:00NL High Roller Day 1$10.000+$500100 K40 min12$500.0005ULRE
1412:00NL Bounty 6 - Max [$400 K.O.]$800+$8020 K20 min9$40,000FinishULRE
1512:30NL Step Satellite$50+$510 K15 / 10 min810 seatsFinishULRE
213:00NL Warm Up Final DayClosedClosed60 minClosed$500.000Finish-
1316:00NL High Roller Day 2$10.000+$500100 K40 min12$500.0006ULRE
1616:30NL Step Satellite$50+$510 K15 / 10 min810 seatsFinishULRE
1721:00NL Satellite To Main Event Day 1A$500+$50100 K20 / 15 min85 seatsFinishULRE
1812:00NL Bounty [$750 K.O.]$1.500+$15025 K20 min9$100,000FinishULRE
1912:30NL Step Satellite$70+$510 K15 / 10 min810 seatsFinishULRE
1313:00NL High Roller Day 3$10.000+$500100 K40 min12$500.000FTULRE
2016:30NL Step Satellite$70+$510 K15 / 10 min810 seatsFinishULRE
2117:00MILLIONS SHR NLH Day 1$25.000+$500200 K30 min12-11ULRE
2221:00NL Super Satellite To Main Event Day 1A$700+$70100 K20 / 15 min810 seatsFinishULRE
2312:00MILLIONS Main Event - Day 1A$5.000+$300100 K60 min12$3.000.0009ULRE
2412:30NL Step Satellite$50+$510 K15 / 10 min810 seatsFinishULRE
1313:00NL High Roller Final DayClosedClosed40 minClosed$500.000Finish-
2114:00MILLIONS SHR NLH Final Day$25.000+$500200 K30 min12-FinishULRE
2516:30NL Step Satellite$50+$510 K15 / 10 min810 seatsFinishULRE
2617:30NL Turbo Deep Stack$600+$6030 K15 min9$30.000FinishULRE
2722:00NL Satellite To Main Event Day 1B$500+$50100 K20 / 15 min85 seatsFinishULRE
2312:00MILLIONS Main Event - Day 1B$5.000+$300100 K60 min12$3.000.0009ULRE
2812:30NL Step Satellite$50+$510 K15 / 10 min810 seatsFinishULRE
2914:00NL Turbo Deep Stack Bounty [$300 K.O.]$600+$6020 K15 min9$30.000FinishULRE
3016:30NL Step Satellite$50+$510 K15 / 10 min810 seatsFinishULRE
3119:00NL Monster Stack$400+$4050 K15 min10$20.000FinishULRE
3222:00NL Satellite To Main Event Day 1C$500+$50100 K20 / 15 min85 seatsFinishULRE
2312:00MILLIONS Main Event - Day 1C$5.000+$300100 K40 min12$3.000.0009ULRE
3312:30NL Step Satellite$50+$510 K15 / 10 min810 seatsFinishULRE
3414:00NL Short Deck (6+)$600+$6020 K15 min9$40.000FinishULRE
3517:00NL Satellite To Main Event Day D Turbo or Day 2$500+$50100 K20 / 15 min83 seatsFinishULRE
2320:00MILLIONS Main Event - Turbo Day 1D$5.000+$300100 K25 min12$3.000.0009ULRE
3622:00NL Mix-Max Day 1 (9-Max)$1.500+$15030 K30 min12$100.0007ULRE
2312:00MILLIONS Main Event - Day 2$5.000+$300100 K60 min12$3.000.000ITMULRE
3622:30NL Mix-Max Day 2 (7-Max)$1.500+$15030 K30 min12$100.000ITM or FTULRE
3711:00NL Satellite to Super Bounty$200+$2010 K12 min83 seatsFinishULRE
2312:00MILLIONS Main Event - Day 3 [ITM]ClosedClosed60 minClosed$3.000.0008-
3813:00NL Super Bounty [$1.000 K.O.]$2.000+$20025 K25 min10$150,000ITMULRE
3920:00NL Turbo Deep Stack$500+$5020 K15 min9$20.000FinishULRE
3622:00NL Mix-Max Final Day (6-Max)ClosedClosed30 minClosed$100.000Finish-
4013:00NL Deep Stack Bounty 6 -Max [$300 K.O.]$600+$6030 K20 min10$25.000FinishULRE
2314:00MILLIONS Main Event - Final DayClosedClosed60 minClosed$3.000.000Finish-
3815:00NL Super Bounty Final Day [$1.000 K.O.]ClosedClosed25 minClosed$150,000Finish-
16:00Freeroll to Event 41,R&A $25-2 K / 3 K / 5 K9 / 5 min63 seatsFinishR/A
4118:00NL Bounty 6 - Max [$200 K.O.]$500+$5015 K20 min9$20.000FinishULRE
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01 Awesome hotel
  • The complex of three hotels on the system "All inclusive" throughout
  • Private beach on the first line
  • Everything for families: garden, pool, spa, children's room, games area and babysitting services
  • Ocean or Garden View Rooms
02 partnership with partypoker
  • Buy-ins from partypoker's account
  • Buy-ins from Tourney Dollars
  • To pay transfers and accomodations with Tourney Dollars
  • Comfortable satellite grid with T$1,000,000 gtd every week
03 pcm team
  • Professional team of Arthur Voskanyan - Poker Club Management
  • Entertaining events
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Low commission in tournaments
  • Assistance with accommodation and transfer
04 your chance for a dream
  • Win the MILLIONS Passport and go to Cyprus with a light soul, because Passport includes a buy-in to the Main Event, and paid expenses for flight and accommodation
  • The casino area is 5500 square meters
  • Numerous VIP halls
  • 41 table for live games and 291 slots
  • In the casino - 3 VIP restaurants
  • The world's largest famous roulette casino (5500 square meters)
06 Excellent membership
  • 24/7 cash game with limits from $1/$ to sky
  • International composition: hundreds of players traditionally come to Northern Cyprus, limited by the laws of their countries in the game at homeland
  • Travel from $300
  • Accomodation from €100
  • Buy-ins from $55 to $25,500
  • Children's room and animators in Merit Crystal
  • Modern SPA complex
  • Hundreds of players from around the world
  • Dozens of entertainment for every taste.
  • Daily activities
  • New dizzy dating
  • Friendly tournaments and competitions
  • Special recreation area for players
  • Beach Sports
  • Karaoke Battle
  • SPA Discounts
  • And more


How to get to Northern Cyprus?

There are two ways: through Turkey or through the Republic of Cyprus. The most detailed information is described in the "How to get there" section a little higher on this page.

What is the exact address of the Merit Hotel?

Alsancak Mevkii Girne KKTC, 99350 / (Tel: +90 392 650 02 00)

How old can I play? What language to speak?

You can play from the age of 18. During the distribution, you can speak English. Out of distribution - on any, but not using obscene language.

What documents are needed?

To get to your destination, as well as to get a casino guest card, you need a passport

Where to live?

The most convenient option is at the five-star casino hotel Merit. This is a whole complex of three hotels, you can choose a little cheaper or a little more expensive.

In addition, in Northern Cyprus, a lot of housing for any wallet: from simple hostels to luxury hotels.

How and where to pay for accommodation?

Please, call Marianna +380680229999 – she will advise you. Together you will select the most convenient payment method for you..

Can I pay the buy-in fee from my partypoker account?

Yes, you can.

I won the MILLIONS Passport. How to use it on MILLIONS Cyprus?

Check the e-mail, there should be a letter from partypoker in which you can choose the desired stop for using the Passport.

Who should I contact for tournaments, structures, prizes, etc?

Directly on the spot, you can approach any of the tournament directors or managers of the series – they are always located behind a special counter or in the tournament hall.

On our site you can get answers to any questions in a live chat with a consultant in the lower right corner of the screen.