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MILLIONS North Cyprus

September, 16-27 || over $5,000,000 Guarantee!

Northern Cyprus
Tournament countdown:
01Tournament info
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partypoker LIVE and Poker Club Management invite you to spend the early autumn in a truly paradise!

Players are awaiting the first ever MILLIONS in Northern Cyprus, and the highlight of the series will be the Main Event with a buy-in of $5,300 and a guaranteed prize pool of $3,000,000.

Tournament Dates Buy-in Guarantee
September, 22-27 $5,300 $3,000,000
High Roller
September, 19-22 $10,500 $500,000
Warm Up
September, 16-20 $2,200 $500,000
Super High Roller
September, 21-22 $25,500

The license holder and operator of MILLIONS Cyprus is Casino “Merit”.

Merit Crystal Cove & Casino // Alsancak Mevkii Girne KKTC, 99350 / (Tel: +90 392 650 02 00)
Dress code: Casual, but no sportswear.
Minimum age: 18 years+
NB: Must bring a valid government issued passport or ID to participate. Players may only speak English at the table.

A visa to visit Northern Cyprus is not required. You will need to put an entry stamp at the border, but take care of your passport from it – the stamp can also be put in a separate leaflet. In the case of affixing a stamp to passport, then decent difficulties may arise with obtaining a Shegen visa.

You can read more about visa requirements in Northern Cyprus in the appropriate section below.

Happy holders of a Russian passport can enter the territory of Northern Cyprus if they have a negative PCR test for coronavirus, which was passed no later than three days after arrival. Upon arrival, you will need to undergo quarantine at your hotel: 5 days if you are vaccinated against COVID-19, and a whole week if not.

You can read detailed information about the epidemiological situation and requirements for foreigners in the section “Wthat about COVID-19” just below on this page.

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Awesome hotel

  • The complex of three hotels on the system "All inclusive" throughout
  • Private beach on the first line
  • Everything for families: garden, pool, spa, children's room, games area and babysitting services
  • Ocean or Garden View Rooms

partnership with partypoker

  • Buy-ins from partypoker's account
  • Buy-ins from Tourney Dollars
  • To pay transfers and accomodations with Tourney Dollars
  • Comfortable satellite grid with T$1,000,000 gtd every week

pcm team

  • Professional team of Arthur Voskanyan - Poker Club Management
  • Entertaining events
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Low commission in tournaments
  • Assistance with accommodation and transfer

your chance for a dream

  • Win the MILLIONS Passport and go to Cyprus with a light soul, because Passport includes a buy-in to the Main Event, and paid expenses for flight and accommodation


  • The casino area is 5500 square meters
  • Numerous VIP halls
  • 41 table for live games and 291 slots
  • In the casino - 3 VIP restaurants
  • The world's largest famous roulette casino (5500 square meters)

Excellent membership

  • 24/7 cash game with limits from $1/$ to sky
  • International composition: hundreds of players traditionally come to Northern Cyprus, limited by the laws of their countries in the game at homeland


  • Travel from $300
  • Accomodation from €100
  • Buy-ins from $55 to $25,500
  • Children's room and animators in Merit Crystal
  • Modern SPA complex


  • Hundreds of players from around the world
  • Dozens of entertainment for every taste.
  • Daily activities
  • New dizzy dating
  • Friendly tournaments and competitions


  • Special recreation area for players
  • Beach Sports
  • Karaoke Battle
  • SPA Discounts
  • And more
03Tournaments schedule
Date # Start time Tournament Buy-in + fee ($) Buy-in
(casino units)
Stack Levels Late
Guarantee LVL a Day Reg rules
1 11:00 NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1A $200+$20 10 K 15 min 83 seatsFinishULRE
2 12:00 NL Warm Up Day 1A $2.000+$200 100 K 60 min 12$500.0008ULRE
3 17:30 NL Bounty [$300 K.O.] $600+$60 15 K 15 min 9$25.000FinishULRE
4 21:30 NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1B $200+$20 12 K 15 min 95 seatsFinishULRE
5 11:00 NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1B $200+$20 10 K 15 min 83 seatsFinishULRE
2 12:00 NL Warm Up Day 1B $2.000+$200 100 K 60 min 12$500.0008ULRE
6 17:30 NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1C $200+$20 12 K 15 min 94 seatsFinishULRE
7 21:00 NL Turbo Deep Stack $600+$60 20 K 15 min 10$30.000FinishULRE
2 21:30 NL Warm Up Day 1C Turbo $2.000+$200 100 K 30 min 12$500.0008ULRE
8 22:00 NL Turbo Sat. to Warm Up Day 1D or Day 2 $200+$20 12 K 15 min 94 seatsFinishULRE
2 10:00 NL Warm Up Day 1D Turbo $2.000+$200 100 K 15 min 12$500.0008ULRE
2 12:30 NL Warm Up Day 2 $2.000+$200 100 K 60 min 12$500.000ITMULRE
9 18:00 NL Turbo $500+$50 15 K 15 min 9$20,000FinishULRE
10 21:30 NL Super Sat. to High Roller Day 1 $1.000+$100 15 K 20 / 15 min 95 seatsFinishULRE
2 12:00 NL Warm Up Day 3 Closed Closed 60 min Closed$500.000FT-
11 14:00 PL Omaha Bounty [$400K.O.] (8-max) $800+$80 20 K 15 min 9$25.000FinishULRE
12 18:00 NL Turbo Sat. to High Roller Day 1 $700+$70 12 K 15 min 92 seatsFinishULRE
13 22:00 NL High Roller Day 1 $10.000+$500 100 K 40 min 12$500.0005ULRE
14 12:00 NL Bounty 6 - Max [$400 K.O.] $800+$80 20 K 20 min 9$40,000FinishULRE
15 12:30 NL Step Satellite $50+$5 10 K 15 / 10 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
2 13:00 NL Warm Up Final Day Closed Closed 60 min Closed$500.000Finish-
13 16:00 NL High Roller Day 2 $10.000+$500 100 K 40 min 12$500.0006ULRE
16 16:30 NL Step Satellite $50+$5 10 K 15 / 10 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
17 21:00 NL Satellite To Main Event Day 1A $500+$50 100 K 20 / 15 min 85 seatsFinishULRE
18 12:00 NL Bounty [$750 K.O.] $1.500+$150 25 K 20 min 9$100,000FinishULRE
19 12:30 NL Step Satellite $70+$5 10 K 15 / 10 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
13 13:00 NL High Roller Day 3 $10.000+$500 100 K 40 min 12$500.000FTULRE
20 16:30 NL Step Satellite $70+$5 10 K 15 / 10 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
21 17:00 MILLIONS SHR NLH Day 1 $25.000+$500 200 K 30 min 12-11ULRE
22 21:00 NL Super Satellite To Main Event Day 1A $700+$70 100 K 20 / 15 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
23 12:00 MILLIONS Main Event - Day 1A $5.000+$300 100 K 60 min 12$3.000.0009ULRE
24 12:30 NL Step Satellite $50+$5 10 K 15 / 10 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
13 13:00 NL High Roller Final Day Closed Closed 40 min Closed$500.000Finish-
21 14:00 MILLIONS SHR NLH Final Day $25.000+$500 200 K 30 min 12-FinishULRE
25 16:30 NL Step Satellite $50+$5 10 K 15 / 10 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
26 17:30 NL Turbo Deep Stack $600+$60 30 K 15 min 9$30.000FinishULRE
27 22:00 NL Satellite To Main Event Day 1B $500+$50 100 K 20 / 15 min 85 seatsFinishULRE
23 12:00 MILLIONS Main Event - Day 1B $5.000+$300 100 K 60 min 12$3.000.0009ULRE
28 12:30 NL Step Satellite $50+$5 10 K 15 / 10 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
29 14:00 NL Turbo Deep Stack Bounty [$300 K.O.] $600+$60 20 K 15 min 9$30.000FinishULRE
30 16:30 NL Step Satellite $50+$5 10 K 15 / 10 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
31 19:00 NL Monster Stack $400+$40 50 K 15 min 10$20.000FinishULRE
32 22:00 NL Satellite To Main Event Day 1C $500+$50 100 K 20 / 15 min 85 seatsFinishULRE
23 12:00 MILLIONS Main Event - Day 1C $5.000+$300 100 K 40 min 12$3.000.0009ULRE
33 12:30 NL Step Satellite $50+$5 10 K 15 / 10 min 810 seatsFinishULRE
34 14:00 NL Short Deck (6+) $600+$60 20 K 15 min 9$40.000FinishULRE
35 17:00 NL Satellite To Main Event Day D Turbo or Day 2 $500+$50 100 K 20 / 15 min 83 seatsFinishULRE
23 20:00 MILLIONS Main Event - Turbo Day 1D $5.000+$300 100 K 25 min 12$3.000.0009ULRE
36 22:00 NL Mix-Max Day 1 (9-Max) $1.500+$150 30 K 30 min 12$100.0007ULRE
23 12:00 MILLIONS Main Event - Day 2 $5.000+$300 100 K 60 min 12$3.000.000ITMULRE
36 22:30 NL Mix-Max Day 2 (7-Max) $1.500+$150 30 K 30 min 12$100.000ITM or FTULRE
37 11:00 NL Satellite to Super Bounty $200+$20 10 K 12 min 83 seatsFinishULRE
23 12:00 MILLIONS Main Event - Day 3 [ITM] Closed Closed 60 min Closed$3.000.0008-
38 13:00 NL Super Bounty [$1.000 K.O.] $2.000+$200 25 K 25 min 10$150,000ITMULRE
39 20:00 NL Turbo Deep Stack $500+$50 20 K 15 min 9$20.000FinishULRE
36 22:00 NL Mix-Max Final Day (6-Max) Closed Closed 30 min Closed$100.000Finish-
40 13:00 NL Deep Stack Bounty 6 -Max [$300 K.O.] $600+$60 30 K 20 min 10$25.000FinishULRE
23 14:00 MILLIONS Main Event - Final Day Closed Closed 60 min Closed$3.000.000Finish-
38 15:00 NL Super Bounty Final Day [$1.000 K.O.] Closed Closed 25 min Closed$150,000Finish-
16:00 Freeroll to Event 41,R&A $25 - 2 K / 3 K / 5 K 9 / 5 min 63 seatsFinishR/A
41 18:00 NL Bounty 6 - Max [$200 K.O.] $500+$50 15 K 20 min 9$20.000FinishULRE

Information about online satellites will appear in this section a little later.

05What about COVID-19?

Due to the severe epidemiological situation, the authorities of Northern Cyprus have divided the countries from which tourists can come into several “zones”.

due to a new wave of infection caused by the delta strain of coronavirus, the authorities of Northern Cyprus have introduced new restrictions for tourists and prescribed new rules for staying on the island. All the countries where tourists can come from are divided into several zones — from dark red to gray. That’s what they mean:

  • Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Georgia and other states were included in the”Red Zone”. This means that those who come from these countries will have to present a negative PCR test for coronavirus translated into English (the validity period is 72 hours), as well as serve quarantine: those who have completed a full course of vaccination go to five-day isolation, and those who have not been vaccinated will be isolated for a week.

The full course is two vaccinations. The Russian “Sputnik V” is suitable, those who have been ill with coronavirus over the past six months will also be vaccinated, and those who have put themselves a foreign vaccine: (Pfizer / BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna, CoronaVac, Sinopharm, Johnson & Johnson).
When assessing which “zone” you came from, they will look not at the citizenship in the passport, but at the movements around the world over the past 10 days. For example, if you are a citizen of Russia, but you have been vacationing in Turkey for the last 10 days, then you will be considered to be in the “orange zone”, and not in the “red”.

Note: all medical documents (tests, vaccination certificates and certificates of previous illness) must be translated into English. It is also necessary that at least 14 days have passed after the last administration of the second dose of the vaccine. In any case, the PCR test should be passed to all those entering — both vaccinated and not. The exception is only for visitors from the “green” zone.

The procedure for traveling through the airports of Larnaca and Ercan, requirements for travelers from the CIS countries, details of accommodation in quarantine and other detailed information can be found on a special page on our website (Russian language):

Rules NC


The five-star Merit Crystal Cove, located a 15-minute drive from Kyrenia on the Mediterranean coast, will live up to the expectations of the most sophisticated travelers. One of the best (if not the best) sandy beach in Northern Cyprus, swimming pool, water sports on the beach, SPA-salon, sea view from the room, gym, sports grounds and much more. In general, the full stuffing of a five-star hotel.

A nice bonus: on the roof of the hotel is the Merit Crystal Cove Chic bar, from where you can watch the sunset every evening.

Location on the map

07How to get there

Northern Cyprus has the only Ercan airport, but all flights to and from it are operated only from Turkey: from Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir and Adana. From the airport to the capital of Northern Cyprus Nicosia half an hour drive. You can also get to Kyrenia by catamaran from Turkish Alanya in about 2.5 hours.

In Turkey, there is the only thing embassy in the whole world, so a visa is not needed to visit the country. At the entrance to this partially recognized state, you will need to put a special stamp – it is placed both in the passport and on a separate form.

It is better to put the entry stamp on a separate leaflet: the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus consider visiting Northern Cyprus a violation of immigration law, so it is better to refrain from any marks on visiting a partially recognized country in your passport, otherwise it may later become difficult to obtain a Schengen visa.

Please note: according to the official statement of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, citizens of the Russian Federation can enter the territory of the UK only through the Republic of Cyprus: you must first come to the Republic of Cyprus without violating visa requirements, then, through special checkpoints, if you have a passport, you can visit the UK for a period not exceeding 90 days.

In practice, there are no problems visiting Turkey from Northern Cyprus. Just do not forget that you do not need to put any notes on visiting the UK in your passport: the local visa is put on separate forms.

Some useful information and phone numbers:

  • The country’s monetary unit is Turkish Lira (TRY). Current rate: 1 TRY = 8,71 RUB (1 USD = 8,56 TRY, 1 EUR = 10,11 TRY). In addition to the lira, the free float is Euro, US dollars and pounds sterling.
  • There are no diplomatic missions of Northern Cyprus in Russia.
  • The nearest Russian embassy is located in the Republic of Cyprus: Ag. Prokopiou street, Engomi; tel .: (22) 774-622; Web site
  • Ambulance: 112, police: 155, fire department: 199, forest fire notice: 177
Merit Crystal Cove ★★★★★

The Merit Crystal Cove is based on an “All Inclusive” concept and offers an excellent standard of accommodation in a beautiful sea-front location, and is quite literally in a class of its own. Highly recommended for families, couples and indeed anyone who appreciates luxury and all-round high standards, the Merit has a host of facilities to keep all of the family entertained.

It is set on its own private bay in extensive gardens on a promontory embraced by the Mediterranean Sea, approximately six miles from the harbour town of Kyrenia. The large outdoor swimming pool has a children’s section and there are numerous outdoor activities and water sports for everyone to enjoy.

BalconyBarSwimming poolFree Wi-FiFamily roomsGarden viewPool viewSea viewPrivate beach areaThe staff speaks EnglishTransfer from / to the airportBabysitting / child care (extra charge)
09How to participate
01 Check out the tournament schedule
02 Contact us for consultation if necessary
03 Arrive to the venue of the festival
04 Pay in cash or by card
05 Welcome to our poker family
Get consultation
10See what awaits you
How to get to Northern Cyprus?

There are two ways: through Turkey or through the Republic of Cyprus. The most detailed information is described in the "How to get there" section a little higher on this page.

What is the exact address of the Merit Hotel?

Alsancak Mevkii Girne KKTC, 99350 / (Tel: +90 392 650 02 00)

How old can I play? What language to speak?

You can play from the age of 18. During the distribution, you can speak English. Out of distribution - on any, but not using obscene language.

What documents are needed?

To get to your destination, as well as to get a casino guest card, you need a passport

Where to live?

The most convenient option is at the five-star casino hotel Merit. This is a whole complex of three hotels, you can choose a little cheaper or a little more expensive.

In addition, in Northern Cyprus, a lot of housing for any wallet: from simple hostels to luxury hotels.

How and where to pay for accommodation?

Please, call Marianna +380680229999 – she will advise you. Together you will select the most convenient payment method for you..

I won the MILLIONS Passport. How to use it on MILLIONS Cyprus?

Check the e-mail, there should be a letter from partypoker in which you can choose the desired stop for using the Passport.

Who should I contact for tournaments, structures, prizes, etc?

Directly on the spot, you can approach any of the tournament directors or managers of the series – they are always located behind a special counter or in the tournament hall.

On our site you can get answers to any questions in a live chat with a consultant in the lower right corner of the screen.

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