Russian Poker Championship – a new poker series with stages in Sochi, Kaliningrad, Altai and Vladivostok.

New festival Russian Poker Cup will start the tournament series of the Russian Poker Championship in Sochi from 20th of May. Besides Sochi, the festival will run in each gambling area of out country: Kaliningrad, Altai and Vladivostok.

The main events will have the same structure in every festival with fixed buy-ins – 50,000 rub, PLO and NLM in freeze-out format (one enter only).

A new created Association of Operators of the Entertainment and Gambling Industry of Russia in 2021 have been planning that championship right after its foundation.

  • What is the Russian Poker Championship about?

Russian Poker Championship is a united name of the several tournament series, which will run in each gambling area of Russia. The name of the regional series is Russian Poker Cup, but the huge culminating festival in the end of the year is named as Russian Poker Championship.

Schedule of the Cups:

  1. Russian Poker Cup, Sochi, «Sochi Casino» («Krasnaia Poliana» gambling area) 20th – 29th of May,
  2. Russian Poker Cup, Kaliningrad, «Sobranie» («Iantarnaia» gamblinng area) 1st – 10th of July, 2022.
  3. Russian Poker Cup, Altai, «Altai Palace» («Sibirskaia moneta» gambling area) 16th – 25th of September, 2022.
  4. Russian Poker Cup, Vladivostok, «Tigre de Cristal» («Primorie» gambling area) 18th – 27th of November, 2022.

The final stage is Russian Poker Championship and it will be held in Sochi Casino from 16th to 22nd of December.

  • The main events of the Cup.

The main events will be the same at each stage. There will be two main events in each series — the main unlimited Hold’em tournament and the main pot limit Omaha tournament. You will be able to enter each of them only once, no endless re-entry.

  • The main unlimited Hold’em tournament with buy—in 50,000 rub and with three starting flights, the second day is played before ITM, the third – before the final. The fourth day will be the final one, it will be shown live with open cards. Levels are one hour until the third day, then 75 minutes until the end. The format is a freeze-out.
  • The main pot-limit Omaha tournament with buy-in 50,000 rub and two starting flights, the second day is played before ITM or before the final table. The third day will be the final one, it will be shown live with open cards. Levels are 45 minutes to the second day, then an hour to the end. The format is a freeze-out.

The winners of each of the main events of each “Cup” will receive free buy-in and accommodation for the duration of the main event in their discipline of the “Championship of Russia” in Sochi in December-2022.

The freeze-out format, where the player can entry only once into the tournament, has become the reasonable moment of the entire championship. We all got used to re-entry format in all festivals, but that championship is still about sport part of poker. Like a legendary poker series WSOP, where play in freeze-out format since the beginning.

The lack of re-entry makes equal all players. That means, that player who wins satellite ticket has the same chances as a pro player with a huge bankroll, the cost of the mistake is the same to each player. But if you are fan of re-entry format, you can enjoy any other tournament in the grid of the schedule.

  • The main events of the Championship.

Russian Poker Championship will be the final destination of the entire championship 2022. The championship includes two main events as well, but with higher buy-ins 100,000 rub.

  • Leaderboard.

The championship will have a leaderboard. The scheme is pretty simple: if you get ITM in the main events of each regional stage, you will collect the points of the leaderboard. The winner is a player who will have got the higher number of points by the end of the main stage of the championship in Sochi.

The prize pool will build up of 3% of each main events of the “Cup”. The winner of the leaderboard will grab 50% of the prize pool, the second – 30%, the third – 20%.

  • Russian Poker Awards.

During the final stage of the championship in Sochi (December 2022) will take place the “Russian Poker Awards”, for those who are involved in gambling industry in Russia. Managers, poker journalists, tournaments managers and others will be awarded for the first time ever.

Poker in Russia is developing so rapidly that the creation of the Russian championship is a big event, but at the same time it is very logical. We have been working towards such a major project for several years, and I am very pleased to be at the helm of this story.

I am sure that the Russian Championship will become one of the most prestigious series in our country, because we unite all gambling areas, players from all over Russia, and launch an internal tourist flow. And most importantly, we are developing and popularizing this wonderful intellectual game and unifying the rules of the game.

Artur Voskaniandirector and chief referee of the Championship
  • Russian Poker Cup in Sochi.

The first stop of the championship will be in Sochi poker club from 20th to 29th of May. There are 52 tournaments in the schedule: High Roller and local Super High Roller with 1 650c.u. and 3 000c.u. buy-ins, mini and bounty version of main event.


Dates Tournament Buy-in (c.u.) Buy-in (RUB)
21-24 мая PLO Main Freezout 715 50 000
20-22 мая High Roller 1 650 115 500
23-25 мая Super High Roller 3 000 210 000
25-29 мая Holdem Main Freezout 715 50 000

Live streams with open cards of the next tournaments will be available by the following schedule:

• Ladies event – 21st of May

• High Roller final day – 22nd of May

• Local Super High Roller final day – 25th of May

• Main Events PLO and NLM final tables – 24th and 29th of May

The full schedule can be found here: